Tuesday, September 23, 2014

it is hot chocolate weather

it is also merchant ivory (specifically "room with a view") weather. okok, anything that is set in italy weather. "italy unpacked", even. i am not picky. it all goes so well with burnt marshmallows and spicy, spicy hot cocoa.

what else is good? season two of "sleepy hollow" *that* is what is good. that female gaze episode of "outlander" was also good. so, so good.

book wise, hellooooooo the paying guests! also, that marvelous daphne du maurier post made me finally see the light. i had been actively avoiding rebecca since the 80's because of that horrid jackie collins style cover it had then. silly me. it's now one of my favorite books. (gonna' add it to my shelf next to we have always lived in the castle.)

the rest of this week i will continue on my du maurier kick and probably squeeze in a mary beard book if time allows.

looks like i'm going to need a lot more hot chocolate.

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