Monday, September 29, 2014

marzipan monday

leff's bday cake this year is complicated. no complaints though! it's a cake that i've always wanted to make but couldn't justify if it was only for me (expense, time investment, calories). it involves a marzipan layer! marzipan!

want to know a secret? marzipan is simple to make. here is the site that i used which had not only a fantastic history of marzipan but also a great recipe. seriously, make your own marzipan. you can even do it by marzihand, um, you know, without a food processor.

wet ingred are almond extract (which i could not stop sniffing.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) rose water and egg white. i put my egg yolk in an old gelato container. you're thrilled. (i am, i will probably have it for lunch.)

also, i didn't use rose water (didn't have it/wasn't prime shipping)  but subbed an extra tsp of almond extract (which smelled great, btw).

the result was a loaf of marzipan! i was very excited about this even though it looks a little glum and not glamorous in this picture.

ah, that's better. much more marziglam.

check back later this week to see how this gets incorporated into a cake. it's sure to be a stupendous failure. bwahaha

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