Tuesday, September 30, 2014

tcb and etc

if you are from memphis (or lived there long enough to feel like that's the case (like me) then you know what i'm talkin' about with this mug.

hell yes, i am taking care of business. (read:  i am making another part of leff's ever complicated cake.) for this, i need 1) proper music

2) a lot of witch boats 

3) and for the yolk to be on no one.

you guys, this cake is very strange. there's a lot of whisking (this is my go to whisking song.) and then adding yolks and sugar.

and the flour has a lot of starch??? idk, the batter tasted good and clouseau was all "that's all right any way you do".

you can take the cat out of memphis but you can't the memphis out of the cat, amirite. (sorite.)

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