Sunday, September 28, 2014

smažený sýr on wenceslas day

september 28 is saint wenceslas day/svatý václav day in the czech republic. leff and i celebrated by making smažený sýr. not because it has anything to do with the saint's day, no, we're probably being all kinds of disrespectful (apologies if it's the case) but it's one of the things that we weren't able to eat when we were in prague earlier this year.

they have these sandwiches in prague that you can get at sidewalk kiosks that are composed of this fried cheese plus mayo on bread. FRIED CHEESE AND MAYO ON BREAD.

leff made one of these sandwiches and, when not laughing from the sheer deliciousness, he stated "there's a reason that they sell these."

so happy wenceslas/svatý václav day!

make some smažený sýr! god, it is so amazingly good. (*so* much better than febo!) 

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