Wednesday, September 24, 2014

thatcher and bowie (with a mitford thrown in for good measure)

last night i got around to reading hilary mantel's new thatcher short story. i am no fan of thatcher, as you will perhaps recall from these cookies that i made in 2012

but i didn't expect to dream about mantel's fictional assassination. damn. looks like i will get around to finishing wolf hall soon.

in lighter news, yesterday was david bowie day in chicago. kicking myself for not being there (and for missing the travelling exhibit every place it's been so far). since i'm linking to old work today, here's the appropriate bowie cookie. (do click that bowie stereogum link. rahmbo's in aladdin sane's glorious.)

and, sadly, debo mitford, the last mitford sister, died today. which means i will also be adding mitford sister letters, bios and books to my reading list. (this is never a bad thing to do. the wit! THE WIT!!) 

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