Monday, September 08, 2014

truth in advertising and bleggs

last week was surprisingly relaxing. it made a welcome change from the pressure cooker of anxiety and stress that has been the norm this year. i was able to laugh at things again. 

in fact, i couldn't stop laughing at this new, perky and...stupid...way of looking grapes.

grape juice you can eat?! you don't say!

plus the spectacular failure of an egg recipe that i found online was oddly cheering. i won't link you since it was such a horrible result but, yeah, i started with these

boiled them in this with some other stuff added

and ended up with this.

they looked right but leff couldn't even swallow the tiniest bite. that is saying something as leff is quite adventurous when it comes to food. 

he is going to need his iron stomach in the coming month as i have a LOT of weird things i'm making. (results should be posted at the beginning of october. any cock ups i'll post as they happen in the spirit of honesty and transparency. i fuck up just as much as everyone else!)

right, back to waiting. one thing that i won't be able to ever talk about in public is being decided today and, while it doesn't involve me directly, it has been quite nerve-wracking. any well wishes appreciated!

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