Wednesday, March 16, 2005

food fight!

i have this love/hate relationship with peeps. i mean, the flavor!! (hooray!) and the squidgy-ness! (ew!!)

normally, it's not such a big deal. easter rolls around. i see peeps. i think "huh. too bad there's gelatin in them." and forget about it.

but this year it's been a different story. i got the peeps craving hardcore!

i thought i could solve the problem by getting some peeps lip gloss. it's nice, but there's not a chew factor. (if you're not vegetarian, you may not know of the need to eat something "bitey" every now and then. and by bitey, i mean meat-like ripping, using the incisors, good old fashioned carnivourous chewing!)

so i thought why not make my own peeps? i'd just found out about emes kosher gelatin which just happens to be vegetarian and i've got a vegetarian marshmallow recipe. easy, right?

not if you live in a ratfuck town like memphis. (ratfuck. it's my new word.)

but this is where food fight comes to the rescue! they're a veggie/vegan grocery store based in portland and i just placed an order there for 4 packs of emes and a bag of vegan supreme marshmallows (just for the hell of it. i've heard the vegan supreme rock, yo. but i can't get them in, you got it, ratfuck memphis.)

anyway, hooray for food fight!!

i'll let you know how it works with the homemade peeps.


Lisa B. said...

It's funny-I like the squidgyness of peeps more than I like the flavor. I'm anxious to see houw your experiment turns out!

Groc said...

i did gone and bought some marshmallows today - I'm going to have to try and toast the buggers now ain't I?

r4kk4 said...

that just means i can suck the sugar off of them and then let you eat the rest, lisa! cool!!

oh! i can't wait to see how you do it, groc!!

i'll walk you through it if you want!

Brian W. said...

the vegan supreme marshmallows ARE'll be so happy when they come. might i suggest a chocolate fondue? they're really good that way...


r4kk4 said...

oh! that's a FABULOUS idea, kk!!

they should be here tomorrow!

eeeeep! i'm so excited!!