Tuesday, March 01, 2005

sisters of '77

sisters of '77, an independent lens documentary about the first ever national women's conference in houston, texas was on pbs tonight.

while the documentary itself was rather informative (i mean, in all of my american history courses, this conference was never mentioned. not once.), it left me feeling quite bitter. and not just because we're pretty much in the same boat as we were in 1977. (yes, baby steps have been taken, but the era still hasn't been ratified all these years later. and i shudder to think what will happen to women's rights under the current administation.)

what i'm most irked about is the second wave feminists' dismissal of women in my age group. betty friedan was quite flip in noting that we're in an era where people "...don't march". and gloria steinem pondered if the younger generation who, apparently, takes everything for granted, would stand up for their rights if they were threatened.

ok, look. protest styles have changed. and i don't feel like rambling on and on about how older feminists just don't understand third wave feminists(trust me, i could) because it's not going to solve anything. let's just say that i'm suprememly pissed. so much so that i'm thinking of chucking my gloria steinem autographed photo of male chromosomes out the window.

and that's definately saying something.


Media Projects, Inc. said...

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r4kk4 said...

i have no gripe with the documentary. i think that it was very well done.

but next time, please contact me via email before plugging your dvd on my site.

i'm all for giving support where support's due, but sneaking in an ad isn't something that i appreciate.

that being said, i'll leave your comment up since i enjoyed the documentary but don't advertise here again without asking first. comment spam is highly frowned upon.