Tuesday, March 01, 2005

mental health thursday

thursday is going to be a mental health day for me. this means that i'm not going into that ratfuck of a thing that is referred to as my job.

as you can ascertain from the last sentence, i really, really need to take a day off.

the thing that gets me is that i'm typcially at the place only three days a week. but it's so mismanaged and one certain person whose job directly effects me is so fucking incompetent at everything she does that i feel like i'm there 75 hours a week.

so, day off. i'll work an extra day on saturday. and if anyone complains, they can bite me.

and i promise a real post just as soon as i finish this drink!


Nyx said...

hooray for you!
go mental health days :D
I had to take a few of those at my last job (back when I never got sick)
I'm in my office and my colleague who left a bridge vacant somewhere is snoring. urgh :/
Did I mention how I'm quitting my job in about a month? I need to bring a brown papaer bag with me just to keep calm in this place.

r4kk4 said...

have it told you how much that i hate your current job? hahaha!!

it's true! sometimes i want to fly to paris and smack your colleague!

i'm really happy for you that you're quitting in a month!

you know, we'll be quitting at about the same time!!! HOORAY!!! (i need the whole month of may to get ready for the move to seattle.)