Wednesday, March 30, 2005

oh, look! blogger's working.

jesus, it's about time.

anyway, lots of little stuff to write about. so, let's get started. (tee hee!)

first off, i'm morally bankrupt. on the day that p2p went to court, i bought the new beck album. i could make the argument that i haven't bought a major label release since radiohead's amnesiac, but what's the point? we all know that i compromised my principles because i love beck. sigh...

but speaking of guero, i love it! and like everyone else in the world, i too think that it sounds like odelay filtered through mutations. and on "hell yes"? there's a robot voice that says "hell yes"! eeee! i love robots! (now you see why i didn't pursue that journalism degree. because of the "eeeee" not because i love robots.)

switching topics, irony of ironies, the pope is now being intravenously fed. and that's all i'll say about that.

also, johnnie cochran is dead which means there is one less lawyer in the world. which is all i'll say about that.

oh! and jerry falwell is in critical condition. and, again, that's all i'm saying about that. although i really, really want to say something gleefully mean. it's hard to fight the urge but i'm doing it.

may i add how it's quite appropriate that he's being treated in lynchburg of all places?

(looks like it was harder to fight that urge than i thought. *shoulder shrug* oh, well.)

one last thing. last night i caught veronica mars on the tee vee. and i think it's living up to the "buffy" comparisons. veronica's smart, resourceful and cute. only no superpowers or demons. just a mystery about who killed her best friend and what happened on the night she (veronica) was drugged and raped.

six more episodes until the end of the season. it's on 9 pm, est, tuesday nights on upn. i know, upn. but, well, it's actually a good show for a change!

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