Wednesday, March 02, 2005

sxsw season

if leff and i had moved to austin this past december as we had planned (before we nixed austin and decided on seattle instead), we would be gearing up to hit the clubs during sxsw.

the good thing about still being in memphis is that we can catch lots of bands on their way to austin. (i40 loops around memphis which makes it convenient for bands to play through, as it were, on their way down to the conference.)

i'm listing dates here of shows that i want to see just so i can keep track of them. sorry to bore you with such metadata but well, i gots shows to see!

wed, 3.16.05 @ the deli--the reputation (with local band i can lick any son of a bitch in the house)

fri, 3.18.05 @ the deli--the apes

sun, 3.20.05 @ the deli--the bloodthirsty lovers

mon, 3.21.05 @ the hitone--enon and swearing at motorists OR @ the deli--guitar wolf and fantasy's core

wed, 3.23.05 @ the hitone--electric eel shock

and damn it! why do the enon and guitar wolf shows have to be on the same freakin' night?!? grrrrr!! i might have to get my dose of japanese punk with electric eel shock since i missed enon on their last tour when i was living in baltimore. (i ended up just with my new roommate in the parking lot until 3 am.)

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