Wednesday, March 30, 2005

more to love about seattle

did you know that seattle has a cupcake bakery?!?

i mean, they make cakes, but they specialize in cupcakes!!

cupcake royale. check it out. it's one of the first places i'm going after i unload the moving van!

(found via all cupcakes all the time. i love them so much!)

update!!: the all cupcakes kids have a flickr group! cupcakes take the cake!! i really, really like these people!


Miss Fae said...

CUPCAKES!!! I love the cupcakes! I could sing you so many songs of cupcakes, but instead, i will tell you about some of my favorite cupcake things.

first, the cupcake pincusion which someone has assured me they will make for me. (that's what those tickling feathers are for; to coerce people to crochet against their will!)

Next, Johnny Cupcake who succeeded in combining two of my favorite things: squirrels and cupcakes. DREAM!

Finally, New York City, a true cupcake town (check out this Gothamist article.) Magnolia cupcakes is one of my favorite places in the world I have spent many a cold night on a bench nearby with sticky fingers and pink confections. Whispy, whirly, beautiful

ps...i found you through flickr. I am faerygrrrl

r4kk4 said...

faerygrrrl!! hey! nice to see you!

oh! those cupcake pincushions look divine! i wish that i could coerce someone with tickling feathers to make me one! haha!!

i was just looking at johnny cupcake shirts yesterday!! get out!! *shoving faerygrrl!!* i was thinking about getting the pink on blue cupcake and crossbones shirt! but i love the squirrel one too! cooool!!!

aaaaah! gothamist! to live in an "ist" city would be so nice!
have you taken any pics of magnolia bakery? (i think i read a bit about it on all cupcakes, all the time too.)