Thursday, October 27, 2005

apologies again

sorry for not being online much this week but, once again, i've been forced to live in the real world.

which is not such a bad thing really. i'm almost finished working on the art/drawing site that i mentioned, oooooh, about twenty years ago. i think there are some pretty neat ideas and, hopefully, leff willing, it'll be able to go live sometime early next year. (it's a tad bit complicated and leff is having to code when he has time which he doesn't have much of due to his super secret job.)

also, i've been making sketchessketchessketches for prints i'll be making once i order my print gocco.

and i've been playing video games. specifically we love katamari


and hello kitty roller rescue.

hello kitty roller rescue

plus, you know, i've been working at my day job. and trying to make plans for halloween. and also finalizing planning for another mystery cake. that should be finished by nov 1.

and there's another pumpkin that hasn't been carved yet.

so what's new with you? how's the weather? seen any good movies lately?


Lisa B. said...

Meh, the weather's getting too chilly for my tastes and I havn't been to any movies. been watching a lot of baseball, though. Thanks for asking!

r4kk4 said...

oh yeah! congrats on the world series!

sorry that it's so chilly.

michael said...

Archie wants to see the new Harry Potter film so we'll probably see that this weekend. I cant remember the last decent film we saw at the cinema.
Watched the ancient version of Great Expectation on the free DVD that came in the paper the other day. David Lean directed and John Mills was in it. Lots of atmostphere but hammy voices spoiled it for me.

r4kk4 said...

eeeep!! we're going to see harry potter today! at the imax theatre down the street! :D!

ah, david lean! he can always be counted on for great cinematography but not so much for direction. unless, of course, it's peter o'toole in "lawrence of arabia" but i'm really biased when it comes to that movie as i'm in love with peter o'toole.