Tuesday, October 11, 2005

yet one more reason to be glad that i don't live in memphis anymore

remember the place that leff and i were living in memphis? remember how there were two fires? one that gutted a fifth floor apt and another that was outside of the building?

apparently, there's been another fire at the shithole of an apt building. just this afternoon, like two hours before this posting. (katty kat called to tell me.) the new fire was on the fourth floor. and, it gets worse, there was a dead body in the apt at the time of the fire.

no one knows if the person died from smoke inhalation or if they were murdered prior to the fire.

i'm SO glad that we don't live there anymore.


PurpleSticky said...

Oh, my God. That's freaky-I'm also so glad you don't live there anymore.


r4kk4 said...

thanks, crystal!

it was kind of weird to hear about it. i couldn't shake it off for about an hour or so either.

but, thankfully, we don't live there anymore. hooray for our moving!!