Tuesday, October 04, 2005

oh , look. another blog post.

here's a list of what i've been doing. hey, at least it's words, ok?

1) working at the crap job and trying to be all stealthy and move my way up through the organization. which might pay off since they may switch an area in which i've always wanted to work from contract labo(u)r to actual paid staff. (the whole place is in serious flux.)

2) still unpacking the annoying, annoying stuff that i don't even remember owning. grrr!!

3) battling a weeklong headache and trying not to catch the cold that's making the rounds at my job. which means zinc and aspirin. that's what i eat for breakfast.

4) working on leff's bday cake. it's already a day late. my headache kind of put me out of commission for two days, so i got behind. and i'm really pissed off at myself about that. because, you know, i meet deadlines, self imposed or not.

5) reading women who eat on my lunch break. it's good!!

6) playing with the cats. (peel isn't taking my being out of the apt too well. poor kitty!)

7) talking on the phone. i'm telling you, you move 2500 miles away and EVERYONE calls you.

8) walking. everywhere. we need to move the car again. sigh.....

9) grocery shopping. like, every day because we don't have a routine and i don't really feel like cooking anything.

10) sleeping. the headache is wearing me out. i've also not given myself time to adjust to the move, let alone the pacific time zone, and it's starting to catch up to me.

so that's what i've been doing. i wish that it was more interesting but, well, it's not. and now i have to go to work. bleah.


jens said...

11) You sent a postcard. It arrived today :) Thank you!

Irregular Shed said...

12) You also sent me a postcard, which is lovely! Thank you!

r4kk4 said...


i'm so glad that the poscards arrived!!

i'll send more when i find some worth sending! :D!