Thursday, October 13, 2005

thurdays are 'sploring days

leff and i decided last week that we would set aside thursday mornings for exploring different neighborhoods of seattle. (last week we were going to go to pioneer square but we ended up just stopping by the main branch of the library instead.)

this week, we decided to go to ballard which is just across the water from us. it was a jampacked, funfilled, one more descriptive compound word hour and 45 minutes!

since we were in ballard, leff showed me the building where he and his boss are thinking about renting an office. personally, i think it's a fantastic location. i really hope that they decide on that space!

next we stopped by goodwill to drop off some stuff for donation. the people in charge of sorting through things bring a cart to your car and help you unload stuff! it's so great! (i'm comparing this to the drop offs in baltimore and memphis, naturally, where the people in charge just glare at you for making them work. *eyeroll*)

unwanted computer equipment and home furnishings out of the way, we headed to market street where i finally got to visit cupcake royale!


even though they were having their cupcake harvest with tasty new fall flavors, i went with a chocolate cupcake with mint buttercream frosting. (sooo minty! sooo tasty!)

@ cupcake royale

oh, and a double cafe americano to wash it down. naturally.

having sugared up and caffinated, leff and i walked up to the ballard branch library. it's beautiful and all scandiavian-ish since ballard was settled by scandinavians in the 1900's or so. i think...

anwyay, with three books in hand, we set off for archie mcphee where we got all kinds of cool, useless stuff including this flocked deer.

luther hides from the new mega deer

i didn't even see it hiding amoungst the other plastic animal stuff! archie mcphee is t eh rock!!

and that was ballard. we could've stayed longer and gone to the locks, the nordic heritage museum etc, but we were running out of time in our two hour parking spot. plus, i had to get to the queen anne branch library to pick up some books that i'd reserved. (i had six shipped over from the main branch! and i did it all online! eep!! ok, i promise, no more gushing about the library at least.)

oh, and we also went to trader joe's while we were in upper queen anne. because we were hungry. and because i hate walking up that goddamned hill. ugh.

/end ramble.

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