Saturday, October 08, 2005

hydroassassination and halloweiners

four words that i cannot get out of my head: john wilkes dunking booth


luther says bonjour to some new peeps!

you know i luuuuurve black cats. and peeps. (just for looking though, not for eating. eating peeps = bleah) and halloween.

speaking of halloween, leff and i have to make a trip to target this week for cleaning supplies (he has an old college friend that's coming into town next week and most of you know how obsessive i am about cleaning. if you don't, er, i'm really obsessive about cleaning.) so i get to be like an overgrown kid in somewhat of a candy store. because target has candy. and me likes candy!! me mucho, mucho like candy!!

also i'm looking for a silver wig. and a raygun. and i really want this and this costume makes me want a dog just so i can make him wear it and i can laugh and laugh.

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