Saturday, October 15, 2005

eat, drink and something else...

today's been a food exploration day. i know, i know, you'd think by now that i would've exhausted all of the eateries in my neighborhood. but you'd be thinking the wrong thing, chicken nugget.

this morning leff and i had breakfast at neilson's bakery (sorry, no good links. but it's on 2nd ave w past the kfc). leff had a snitter (and by that i mean that's what the pastry's called not that he had an angry fit at the store) and a double americano. i opted for a danish and an iced mocha.

oh! the danish was so flakey and perfect!! it was almost croissantish in its consistancy. mmmmmmm!! the coffee was good as well. (leff's snitter was tasty, but i liked the danish better.)

also, take out boxes at neilson's are a cute pink. almost the same hue as tiffany's blue boxes. which makes me happy. because i'm getting girlier by the day.

lunch was at blue water taco (queen anne location) and holy crap! it's much better than taco del mar. since i'm stuck on fish tacos these days, that's what i opted for. (it was a wise decision. oooh, sooo goood!) with a side of tortilla chips and chipolte salsa (soooo spicy that i was crying! hee hee!)

i can't remember what leff got except for his "too damn hot" salsa which was, in fact, too damn hot, even for leff. which is saying something.

oh, i must add that the horchata at blue water taco is t eh rock! i hearts me some horchata and this is the best i've had in a looooong while!

after lunch coffee was a bibicaffe.


carbonated espresso is fantastic. don't let anyone tell you differently.

and that's all for now. leff and i are off to ballard around 3:30ish to get photos of the zombie mob that's going to be lurching down market street. we might hit another bakery while we're there because you never know when my sweet tooth will kick in.

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