Saturday, October 22, 2005


save me from myself!! i've been on a buying sprenzy lately! in the past three days i've bought a copy of we love katamari damacy (i'm a bit late, i know...), a new litter box from post modern pets (i got the green one. trust me, we needed a new litter box.), the aforementioned gamefly subscription, a strawberry pocky bag from spiral and circle and now this lovely pillow from etsy.

which brings me to the subject of etsy. etsy is probably going to be where i'll be spending most of my money now. crafters around the country (i believe it's going to include or may already include other countries besides the u.s., i didn't really do my research.) post items that they wish to sell, etsy makes it easy to chose a payment option and then you pay for your item. simple.

and, MAN, is there some great stuff on the site! cards, scarves, tshirts, i'm going to have to get another job to pay for all the stuff i want!

i'm also thinking about setting up my own "store" through etsy. if i ever get my print gocco it'll be a done deal!


Gaia said...

Wow! I'd not been to PostmodernPets before. Now, where to get a piece of triwall to make something cool for my cat?

r4kk4 said...

not sure about the triwall, gaia! sorry!

but i'm glad that you liked postmodern pets as much as i do! i really want to get the bent plywood bowls for my cats!

scrapatorium said...

etsy is great! I have sold a few things on there.

r4kk4 said...

oh wow!! that's so great to know! thanks, snap!

i didn't know that you had an etsy store! do you still have stuff there? because, i'd love to buy some of your things! :D!