Friday, June 06, 2008

almost better

i'm a broken record these days with the tooth stuff. (for those of you born after records, i'm not sure how to explain that phrase to you. um...a short audio file put on repeat?)

no, i'm still not 100% but i'm also not bleeding any more so that's progress.

anyway, there's still not much happening at casa rakkaleff. wed night i put together a onesie that i'll never make because there's no way my brother will let his son wear this.

too bad really. could you imagine how awesome those baby photos would be in 2028?

leff picked up some david sedaris tickets for us.

do i need to reiterate how great of a bf he is? i didn't think i'd need to.

the last of my bday goodness has trickled in in the form of an agent cooper sticker

and a beardy ring. (ring from schmutzerland.)

no, c. the ring doesn't mean that i've become accepting of moustaches (except those grown for charity.) but nice try.

looks like it's time for more pain med and "the harder they come". can you believe that i haven't seen that yet?

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