Friday, June 20, 2008

odds and ends

once again i'm not into babbling on about what's up in my tiny life. i will tell you this though, pink cookies are fantastic for getting one out of a cloudy day slump.

also this comment by notes from the underwhelmed on jezebel has been making me laugh for two days.

When I asked my mom (an athiest) how the whole holy trinity thing, with Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit being the same thing was supposed to work, she said this: "Um... Have you ever seen Chinatown? It's kinda like that- 'She's my sister! She's my daughter! He's my dad! He's god! He's me! We're a bird!' while pretending to slap herself in the face. It was kind of amazing.

"chinatown" as the trinity. it's wonderful.

two more things and i'll let you go. "irene williams: the queen of lincoln road" is brilliant. watch it! now! i don't care how you do it!

"avenue montaigne" is just as good as pink cookies for killing the mean reds.

the two in combination will blow your mind. or, at the very least, your fda allotted amount of sugar for the day.

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