Friday, June 27, 2008

david sedaris, crush on plush, lots of movies

grab yourself a hot cup of hoffee, bishes

'cause alfredo hitchcock presents this friday's edition of gpiss.

(alfredo for s&f, of course.)

so what've i been up to since i took an internet vacay? lots, actually. monday night i met leff downtown

to see david sedaris read at elliot bay.

sedaris's always very pithy and entertaining so it was a great evening. esp since we left when q&a started. (nothing annoys me more than q&a sessions. i won't go into specifics but if you think about it, i'm sure you'll figure out why i despise them so.)

anyway, photos weren't allowed so i'll let this dolma that i ate fill in for mr. sedaris.

they were both equally wonderful in their own ways.

wednesday night i met up with leff again, this time at velocity for crush on plush!

have an establishing shot, won't you?

i really enjoyed this lab 'cause i adore all three of the talented ladies who were on the panel. (moxie, kristen and hansi--see, they're all so freakin' awesome!) here's moxie pre discussion.

i love her new shade of purple, don't you?

yes, it was a great panel. very informative and supportive. i heart them all!

i also want to add that john (of velocity) is rocking this lab thing. many thanks to him for providing an outlet for creative discussion as well as the plethora of dry soda!

but let's move on to the movies in the title. i've been watching quite a few this week ("roman polanski: wanted desired", "rosemary's baby", "they live", "drop dead gorgeous", copious amounts of "flight of the conchords" which, i know, not a movie but still, awesome.)

and thursday, b and c dropped by to watch "teeth" but we went with a documentary on britain's worst teeth instead. (i couldn't watch it as i have to go back to the dentist on tuesday. it still didn't stop me from eating a few cookies and having a root beer float though...)

and that's been life without blogging. busy. oh my, yes. but fun.


moxie said...

you are the best... i am lucky you were there. for real.

r4kk4 said...

you're so sweet! :D!

i'm glad that i was able to help! you all did a great job!