Wednesday, June 04, 2008

etsy purchases and matlock

since i have been and will be spending lots and lots of time in the dentist's chair this week (and for months to come), i don't have a lot to talk about. (unless you're interested in how many different and varied procedures i'm having done. if you are, uh, too bad. i don't feel like sharing. well, maybe i'll tell you that i get to keep my wisdom teeth but that's it.)

the oral moral of the story is this: go to the dentist regularly!! if you can't afford it, go to the free ones that are available through public services. i kinda' wish i had instead of waiting until i had dental insurance to cover everything.

ok, so nice things. well, i got my camera ring from from teacuppieshop! it is, in the common parlance of our time, freakin' awesome.

also floating my boat is our new print from strawberryluna.

and, just so you can get a measure on the unfun-ness of this week, the thing that's made me laugh the most is this description of "matlock" on our tv.

whoever writes our digital cable descriptions deserves a raise.

back to the dentist! i might have that made into a coat of arms for myself since it has become my rallying call at this point. sigh....

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