Monday, June 16, 2008

i'd like the last weekend put on repeat, please!

drag out the punk ass balloons, chickens!

this past weekend was so magically realistic (it's what salmon rushdie and "knight rider" have in common. fact!) that i want to do it all over again today!

or at least after 4.

really though, this past grouping of friday night + saturday and sunday was great! leff and i met misterjt at top pot yesterday and it was wonderful fun!

jt brought the sun with him from cali and for that i cannot thank him enough! (in fact it's *still* sunny! thanks, jt!)

the rest of the weekend was pretty great too. well, aside from sleeping through the "pens and needles" opening (annoyed sigh...) oh, and the great pez hunt that was almost as difficult as tracking bigfoot or, i dunno', finding a worthy replacement for tim russert. (that's never gonna' happen, imho. teh press. i haz no respekt for dem.)

where was i? oh, i dunno. i'm not properly caffeinated yet. look at some sticker pics while i regroup.

nope, i'm not going to be able to reboard that train of thought. but! padre sent me photos from when he and my step mom volunteered at an obama town meeting! that's cool!

and clouseau has become fond of raspberries

which amuses me to no end.

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