Monday, June 02, 2008

onesies plus some things that aren't related to my relative to be

i would have liked to have started this post with a photo of the no sleep to brooklyn onesie (originally crystl's idea and recreated with her kind permission) but blogger has other plans this morning. can you live with that flickr link? you'll have to.

i cranked out two onesies (twosies??) last week because i thought that my sister-in-law's shower was this month. thankfully, it's next month so i still have time to finish making a mobile, board books, etc

anyway, here's the second outfit that i made with gel pens and sharpie. it's lavie from "last exile". got to get the little nipper hooked on decent cartoons early, i say.

regarding the gel pens--i'm not so sure it'll last through a washing but it's gonna' get barfed and drooled on anyway so whatevs. it looks pretty cool now.

what else? oh yes! i made veggie cassoulet.

i could eat that every day of the leek, er, week. it's particularly great since it's all hearty and warm. and that's what i'm craving since we're not going to have a proper spring or summer here. (recipe)

here's some good news! the 8 was freakin' ON TIME! i took a commemorative photo from the window.

that's one of the reasons why leff and i are never in cap hill. (effing 8 bus.) the other is that we are old and don't like to go to brooklyn after 10 pm. we do, however, go up on our roof all the time. (decoder ring (ah, "30rock". how did leff and i ever talk without (mis)quoting you?))

while in cap hill, we stopped by bailey coy books! by lincoln's beard, it's such an awesome shop! i can't thank c&b enough for introducing it to us!!!

i picked up these two awesome books with my gift certificate.

and leff found all of an ian m. banks series that he's been looking for for years. so, seriously, THANK YOU, C&B!!! you guys rock!!

what else is new? oh yes, highlights. but not the kind for children.

although, i'll admit it, i do enjoy goofus and gallant from time to time.

you just know that goofus is now the head of some major corporation while gallant is still off polishing apples. little goody goody.


leff said...

the background for that onesie is the shirt I'm wearing right now. How'd you do that?

r4kk4 said...

i'm magical. i'm an illusionist.