Friday, May 30, 2008

velocity lab, you can beet a rapidograph to death and voter registration

you know how i like to be a fly on the wall at design and blogging events, right?

well, imagine my delight when i could combine both of those things PLUS hanging out with cakespy jessie (i super heart jessie! she's so cool!)

at the lab at velocity on wed night. apparently, i wasn't the only person who was excited. check out the crowd!

here's the panel. represented l to r, mirrormirror, decorno, shellterrific and not martha.

it was an informative event in a blogging 101 kind of way (these things often are) and the dry soda was flowing like wine so of course i had fun.

what made my night extra special, however, was the fact that the number 8 bus was only 5 minutes late. i'm not the only person who thinks the number 8 bus sucks, btw. (although my obsession over routes and times makes me think that i should change my name to beth.)

anyway, NEXT month at velocity, it's moxie and kristen and you know how i adore those ladies! i'll post a reminder closer to the day of.

life hasn't been all concentrated in solu though. yesterday i tried to get my rapidograph pen to work with beet juice.

it didn't work even though beet juice is thinner than most inks. i suppose that i should mention here that i HATE rapidographs choosing to go with microns when i need a super fine line. (i'll go so far as to say i swear by sakura products in general. and, no, i don't get paid by them. their products just *work*. (and very well, i might add.))

well, ok. microns don't work on lemons.

but not much does except sharpie. (weird art supplies because of suspect and fugitive, of course.)

so guess what, poodles! leff and i are officially seattle residents!

it only took us, what, 2.5 years? bish plz, at least we can vote in the next general election. (which, let's be honest, i probably wasn't even doing in tn since they use effing diebold machines.)

yeah, i called you bish.

so this weekend it's all about books and hair. but not books about hair. see you monday maybe with a modified mullet! (no, not a mullet. perhaps a rat tail? would i be 5 steps ahead of the hipsters if i did that? mwah-ha!)


bonnie said...

I think you should bring back the mushroom cut, shaved underneath!

r4kk4 said...

hell's yes! then i'll look like either tootie or salisha from antm!

paola said...

Ha! I'm just checking out blog reactions to the Lab via Technorati (natch) and have to say that you have the BEST blog name I have ever come across bar none.

Glad you enjoyed it anyway, and thanks for only putting up a blurred photo of the panel :)

r4kk4 said...


i like it because it has assonance. and, as we all know, assonance is funnier than consonance because it has "ass" in it. ;D

cakespy jessie took that blurried pano photo so all thanks go to her.