Friday, May 02, 2008

flesh eating bacteria and moddle snax

have you ever done something so stupid that right before you do it you think "this is really, really dumb. i shouldn't do this." but you do it anyway? yeah, well, that's how i chemically burned myself yesterday.

not bad enough to go to the hospital (deep breaths, rl friends and family and online friends who worry about me.) but bad enough to not leave my building for fear of people thinking that i have flesh eating bacteria.

speaking of antm, why the hell hasn't dominique been booted off yet? i almost gagged on my "moddle snax" (i.e. celery)

when the crypt keeper was given another pass this week. (nah, i didn't really gag. i just wanted a reason to link to that image of dominique that was on four four. i won't lie. it's been my desktop image since monday.)

so, long story short, the chemical burn is healing. i occasionally lurch around like quasimodo and yell "teh bellz!!" at the cats to make fun of myself. (although, i know. chemical burns do not equal hunchback. still. it's fun.)

thankfully, leff hasn't seen me do this. yet.

and with that image, i'll let you get back to whatever it is that you do.

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