Wednesday, May 14, 2008

retail therapy

this spring is killing me. not only is it 11 days until i turn 35, but it's been grey, rainy and awful pretty much nonstop since the middle of august last year. (i know, that techinically includes fall and winter as well as spring but you know what? shut up, that's what.)

i'm ashamed to admit it but sometimes when i get in a deep funk like this, the only thing that drags me out is a dose of conspicuous consumerism. that's why i headed to schmancy to pick up some plush for my nephew fetus

and ended up bringing home all of these guys for me and leff too.

you know, i might not send the mr. beardsley yet since he has ingestible buttons and tiny eyes. mmmmmmm...ingestible buttons and tiny eyes...*drooling*

what else did i do yesterday? i dropped by nancy, annoyed kate and fell in love with this leopard "rug" that she has.

and then i screwed around for a few hours trying to make a yo yo ma out of mayo (a mayo yo ma, geddit?) but it didn't work and i got really pissed off. but it was ok because i remembered that i had this embarrassed little cupcake sticker in my phone

and i felt better knowing that even baked goods are having a hard time dealing with the dreary seattle spring too and are kinda' ashamed about it.

on that note, i'll let you get back to work (although, really. does your boss let you read my blog at work? doesn't the name 'cause the filters to have conniption fits?) and i'll get back to scouring etsy for baby goods.

i feel the need to reiterate here--I DO NOT WANT KIDS! i just want my fetal relative to have books (my brother admitted to me that he doesn't own a single one. sigh...) and cool clothes.

i also want him to not have a southern accent, but that's another story. *adding french, japanese, german and spanish language tapes to amazon cart*


Shahid said...

cool! kidrobot toys!?

r4kk4 said...

mostly yes!

sometimes i feel like we're a small kid robot warehouse. ;D