Friday, May 16, 2008

ike-heee, ike-hooo, ike-haaa, ikea-huh

leff and i have this love/hate relationship with ikea. things we love? budget prices for swedishness, their cafeteria, lingonberry jam.

everything else kinda' sucks. (including the semidisposiblitiy of most of their furniture.) i particularly despise their website which appears to randomly decide what can and cannot be shipped.

one really helpful item that falls into the arbitrary non-shipability black hole? dioder multipurpose led lighting.

that is why we ended up renting "ice", the semiautomatic zipcar (q: what in the name of all that's gracious is a semiautomatic? a: in europe i'm an automatic. in america, i'm not. (*cough*)) to drive to renton while humming "under pressure". (oh yeah, i was rockin' the mic like a vandal.)

did i mention that we only had 30 minutes to grab what we needed? ha ha, yeah. that sucked. but at least we got our dioder strands, dammit!

ikea sometimes reminds me of the league of nations. i think it's all the flags.

and maybe the lutefisk.

with that i have GOT to get outside! i think we skipped spring and jumped right into summer! it's time for big gulp slurpees mixed with vodka, stupid pop songs and sunscreen! huzzah!


Lisa B. said...

Well, at least you have an Ikea to hate. The nearest one to me is 4 hours away.

And my parents got some Ikea chairs years ago that held up really well. So either they were making things better back then or some Ikea stuff is OK.

r4kk4 said...

that is true. i always hate them more when i live within a 20 mile radius of them.

they do make some things that are ok. particularly storage items. all other furniture is hit or miss. our couch from there, for example, is dying after just two years.

granted we didn't pay much for it but, come on, two years?! sigh...

i'm glad your parents' chairs are holding up so well.