Friday, May 23, 2008

sleeping the week away

thanks to the narcotic effect of painkillers, this has been one of the least productive weeks that i've had in a long time.

i'm not complaining. i've needed the sleep.

it just makes for especially boring blog posts. 'cause, honestly, the only other things i've done besides crash out for hours at a time is watch movies.

prince caspian? soooooo goooood! well, except for the one ham handed scene where they couldn't slice out the christian part of c.s. lewis. but, you know, it's c.s. lewis so it's forgivable. esp since it's at the end of the movie.

what i can't forgive is the big pile of crap that is indy and the crystal skull. (*so* glad that i didn't pay to see it.) not only is everything dreadfully obvious in the first fifteen minutes but, here's the kicker, indy didn't have any good lines. *that's* sad. my decades long crush on harrison ford is based not only on his rugged good looks thing but *most importantly* his ability to play a smartass.

it's like he was neutered in the latest indy. it's kinda' depressing.

k, i have to catch up on things before i turn 35 on sunday. have a great memorial weekend if you're in the u.s.! if not, you know, enjoy the next two days.


Brit said...

I saw it last night and I *totally* agree with you. Not only do you have valid points, but the movie was also filled with poorly done unecessary CGI special effects, like groundhogs and monkeys and shit. It was as though JarJar Binks had a cameo.

r4kk4 said...

oh GOD! i totally blanked out those fucking animals!

the part where his son is swinging through the trees a la tarzan with his monkey pals? it made me scream in anger. seriously.

Brit said...

Psst. Happy barthdayz!

r4kk4 said...


hey, wasn't your bday a little while ago? if it was HAPPY BDAY BACK! (i suck at remembering dobs. that's why i'm always saying "my bday is coming up!" you know, so i'll remember it. haha!)