Wednesday, May 21, 2008

xanax and phone numbers

guess what, tender vittles. i had to get a root canal on tuesday.

thankfully, i've got a great dentist who not only hooked me up with some xanax to help ease my drill and needle phobias

but who also made sure that the procedure was virtually painless.

no, i'm not kidding.

even though the root canal wasn't so bad, i'm still recuperating. (the left side of my mouth is a little tender.) i'll probably be back on solid food in another day or so but until then, i'm enjoying my diet of ice cream, yogurt, chocolate milk and commercials on youtube. you know, like the io digital cable one.

and the awesome freddy freaker from the late 80's/early '90s.

if i recall correctly, my little bro did indeed dial the freak phone one night and ask specifically for freddy. i don't think he was able to join the party the fast and easy way. nor did he ever find out exactly what was hot and what was not. poor kid.

damn, this is even more nonsensical than normal. i think i need to stop writing, take some more pain meds and eat a pint of green tea ice cream.

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