Monday, May 19, 2008

it really is summer, twin peaks fugitives

if you were in seattle this weekend, consider yourself lucky! it was AMAZING outside!

the sky was so blue and the weather was so warm that it was almost worth putting up with prolonged winter blahs just to experience the past weekend.

no, that's a lie. i wouldn't wish this last winter on even my worst frenemy. (i linked just so you could read the quote from "mean girls" at the bottom.)

anyway, it was so beautiful outside that everyone was either at the beach, in the mountains or at the cheese festival. this meant that places like the library

and sam were virtually empty. *sooooooooo* awesome!!

even the thai place where we had lunch was pretty devoid of customers. again, i thank the lactose mini gods of the cheese festival. they may not know how to organize an event so that the traffic flows well, but their ample curdage can leave the rest of the city wide open. so, you know, thanks for that cheese lords.

what else is new. ah, yes! since this is my last week of being 34, leff and i are celebrating by being "twin peaks" tourists. translation: my 35th bday is looming this coming weekend and we're going to north bend and snoqualmie falls where part of "twin peaks" was filmed.

to get myself ready, i've been making fugitives based on "tp" characters. like, audrey corne (meal) (audrey horne made from corn meal)

and donna hayword(s) (donna hayward made from, uh, words. you know, like in a book.)

i'll be doing this all week. hopefully, it'll culminate in a site specific piece on sunday, the d.o.b.

have i mentioned how depressed i am about turning 35? i know, in the overall scheme of things that it's not really old but come on, it's five fucking years until 40. sigh...

k, i gotta' go track down a new dentist. see you wednesday.


Camilla said...

I'm going to be 35 in September and i'm already starting to think about it as being a less than joyful experience. I really don't have a problem with getting older, just being 35 means i'm going to be in a whole new category on questionnaires when I have to give my age.

r4kk4 said...

it's true. advertiser's stop caring about what we think. hahah!

i don't know what my deal is about aging. i hate it, i really do. but i'm honest about it so i guess that's something. there's no turning 29 again for the fifth time, you know? ;D

meh, at least i still get carded and can pass for late 20's on a good day. HAHAHAH!!

Camilla said...

Yeah- I was in the queue for Kimya Dawson last week and as it was an over 14s venue they were wrist banding everyone over 18 (drinking age) and I got asked! JOY! The guy did a double take when I said I was 34.

r4kk4 said...

man, that's AWESOME!!!

i love it when i hand bartenders my id and they look at it, look at me, look at it, look at me and i say "i was going for the "i just went through customs" look in the photo." and frown before they believe that it's me and that i'm that old. HAHAHA!

santos. said...

yeah, the whole new category on questionnaires is a bummer, but seriously, r4kk4 don't stoppa, i've had more fun in my first year of being 40 than pretty much all of my thirties. really! it gets better!

santos. said...

although really it's true your body turns to s**t the absolute second you turn forty, so use the next five years and a week very wisely. shore up for the future!

r4kk4 said...

that's pretty awesome to know, chotda! thanks!!

although i think my body is already turning to shit since i have to get a root canal today at noon. at least my new dentist is pro drugs! haha! (he gave me a script for xanax to take before i went back. they're kickin' in. strangely enough, i feel muuuuuuuch better about having my root extracted and about turning 35. but, you know, antianxiety drugs will do that. ;D)