Wednesday, May 07, 2008

fake miracle, fake ham, the new entryway and laika

the other day i said to myself "self, we should post this table on ebay. suckers would pay lots of money for the chance to eat dinner on the virgin mary's head!"

and then i realized. no, they probably wouldn't since it wasn't a virgin in a cinnamon bun or a jesus in a hearing aid but just the stain left over from my "holy mole".

sad, really. i could use the cash since my economic stimulus check isn't here yet. (p.s.--the stain is gone now. what, you think i leave stains on my kitchen table? ah, you're underestimating how nuts i can be when it comes to cleaning.)

another thing that i've made for suspect and fugitive lately is a ham solo.

it's fake ham 'cause there's no pork or beef at casa rakkaleff. just fowl and fish. (although, to be honest, we're starting to cut back on that as well.)

damn but i'm all over the place today! let's keep going! here's a random photo of our new entryway!

i'm, sadly, super excited about it. this is because my ocd has been careening unchecked lately. i'm hoping that since we now have someplace besides the bookcase to put the phones, mp3 players, sunglasses, etc that i'll be able to cut back on the excessive handwashing and the like. if not, someone's going to the shrink! oh, yes she is! good girl!

speaking of good girls, i read nick abadzis' laika yesterday. it made me cry. which, nothing new. the laika story always makes me weep.

if i were to ever get a tattoo, it would be of pippi longstocking sitting in an eames chair holding a cupcake and farting a rainbow. THEN i would get a tattoo of laika in her space suit. and every time i looked at my shoulder, i would cry.

you know, maybe that's not such a good idea. maybe it's best to stick with pippi and her multihued flatulence.

a reminder! the jess hutchison presale goes live today at schmancy gallery!


joey said...

NO WAY. NO. You did not just make a Ham Solo. That is freakin awesome!!!

You need to figure out a way to make prints of these. A Ham Solo on the wall of my apt is needed, STAT.

r4kk4 said...


i'm working on a few things in regards to the fugitives. i can't really talk about it now though...but maybe, in the future, ham will be yours. ;D

joey said...

Awesome, seriously can't wait! BTW, multi-hued flatulence...LOL! I have to steal that somehow. Hilarious.

r4kk4 said...

thanks! heh heh! i was actually pretty happy about that phrase.