Friday, May 09, 2008

sushi, xbox 360

what have i been doing besides pigging out on sushi with leff?

for starters, i've been occasionally watching him (leff) play "gta 4" on his new xbox.

i say occasionally because, let's face it, even if the gameplay in the original gta revolutionized open ended gameplay and people love the gangster story line, it's boring as hell to watch and not play it for yourself.

i'm just waiting to get "guitar hero" so i can bore the bf with it. then we'll be even.

what else? i finally caught up on "the paper". oh god, i love amanda!

i've also been rewatching "twin peaks". here's the funny thing: i hadn't realized that i'd practically memorized the first season back in 1990. (i shoulda' known that i had. i was OBSESSED with who killed laura palmer. also? bob fucking freaked me out. esp when he was crouched at the bottom of the bed. *gah!!!*)

i know i'm fogetting some stuff but i haven't had coffee yet.

i *do* remember this! jess hutch's opening is tonight at schmancy! it's going to be great but if you can't make it, check out the presale! there are some really awesome little guys left!

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