Monday, May 05, 2008

world does not equal vampire

the world is a vampyre.

isn't that billy corgan speak for "the world sucks"? i'm gonna' have to disagree with mr. zero's "vampire assessment" because, you know what? even though the romans are leaving sam

we got to see the exhibit.

also? the sun!! it was out!

i know, i know. neither of those are pictures of the sun but you get what i'm trying to say. and in case you can't, i'm trying to say "hooray! hooray for the sun!!"

oh hey! the new tokidoki moofia blind boxes are at schmancy!


*so* not a vampire.

you know what else doesn't remind me of anything nosferatu and his ilk? "die! die! my darling!". i *finally* watched that this weekend and, wow! go watch it if you haven't. tallulah bankhead is incredible as the religious weirdo!

'k, bloodsuckers, i'm on package patrol again. see you wednesday!


JeffMartin said...

I must say, I read and enjoy your blog at work every night. It always delivers.
Keep on keepin on.

r4kk4 said...

thanks so much, jeff!

i'm glad that the inanitites of my boring little life are at least a tiny bit interesting! :D!