Wednesday, May 28, 2008

memorial day weekend cont

i think that i've finally recovered from the big memorial day/35th bday weekend blowout! (for reals, kittens. if you swear off sugar and booze for three months and then binge on it for three days, it kinda' does a number on all of your systems including, but not limited to, the lymphatic. (peristalsis rocks!!))

lesse', where did i leave off....oh yes! monday. monday was full of food and people. c and m invited us for a lovely dinner in uqa. we took a walk to help their twins settle down. (the mention of twins should make c (of c&b's) biological clock's alarm go off. heh heh!)

uqa can be strange. i didn't know this.

it can also be beautiful. i was aware of that fact.

here it is being strange again. or, at the very least, trying to be all villa villakulla-ish. or maybe slightly british.

can you belive that c and m made me a coffee ice cream cake for my bday?!? with HOMEMADE COFFEE ICE CREAM?!? oh, i'm just dying thinking about how great it was!

thanks so much, c&m!!

also on monday, leff and i met larry and flo from flickr! we had breakfast at mecca. here's flo's plate of biscuits and gravy.

it was awesome meeting them. they're such a laid back, creative couple! i only wish that i hadn't been so full of sugar/booze and could've at least not seemed as weird as i really am. (it takes energy to maintain the "i'm not scary, really" image. energy that i was sadly lacking.)

tuesday, of course, was for catching up on things. so unless you want to read about the joys of laundry (and i'm assuming that you don't), it looks like i'm done here.

tonight, however, is the lab at velocity! be there or, else since it's not possible to be two places at once. yet.

seriously though, the lab will be awesome. you should go if you're in the seattle area.

i'll leave you with the link to the brilliant riding the bus with my sister/john ritter mashup that was on jezebel. it makes me uncomfortable that i laugh so hard at this clip. please keep in mind that i'm not laughing at the developmentally disabled but at rosie o'donnell's terrible acting job.

do you want a deviled egg, jesseeeeeeee? toilet seat assistance in row number one! thank you! bwah-haa!

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