Wednesday, April 30, 2008

three things

1) reusable swiffer pads fucking. rock! i got mine here.

2) cats in the unfinished malkovich space? irritating!!!

3) mary tofts? the woman who gave birth to rabbits? in-freaking-sane. i have the book on hold at the library.


Camilla said...

Oh she was from near where I grew up (not that I grew up in the 18th Century) I remember hearing a lot about her when I was little.

r4kk4 said...

i would *totally* swap by growing up near where davy crockett was from for you mary tofts!

what sort of things did you hear?

santos. said...

the girl who gave birth to rabbits? thank **** she's not the girl who ate everything, because eyeeeuch.

santos. said...

also, the wikipedia entry? she "allowed" the doctors to remove the dead rabbits she manually inserted into her vajayjay? how kind of her.

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! where do you find these things, tyra. oh wait, you're tyra, of course you'd know all about it. this is a future episode for antm, right? the girl who eats her toenails, the girl who gave birth to rabbits, the girl who manually inserts cat parts into her woman cavity, the girl who shanked dominique in the parking lot....

r4kk4 said...

i know, right? i can't stop imagining her faking labor! haah! i see it like this "*screaming* ok, take it out now." (bwah-haa!)

or beforehand when she inserts teh bunnehs! i read somewhere online (forgotten where, sorry) that the person in cahoots with her turned away a servant who had brought a rabbit for insertion by saying "too large!"

*shiver* *gagging*

tyra's just taking care of her babies!!

who shanked dominique in the parking lot? and how can i send them a gift basket? BWAH-HAAA!!

also, stay tuned for the new episode "the girl who really DID come here to make friends". ;D