Monday, April 14, 2008

dalai lama, hybrid rental, ballard and the malkovich door is opened

on friday, c and i attended the seeds of compassion event at key arena. i don't have any photos since cameras weren't allowed and, as i've stated many, many times before, the camera in my razr suck-diddly-ucks, flanders.

anyway, seeds of compassion at the key. what to say without breaking that rule of not saying something unless you have something nice to say? hmmmmm....i know! when the dalai lama was allowed to speak, it was great. he's really charasmatic and knows how to take the piss. (also, according to chotda, man can put away some steak!!)

other than that...well, i wasn't told there would be video. and as for the self important panel, i'll stop there.

what else is there worth mentioning? ok, three things: 1) there were copious amounts of black lights in use which made me think that the dalai lama would arrive in plumes of dry ice smoke and on a zipline with "the final countdown" booming away. 2) police presence was ramped up. 3) c and i left after 15 minutes.

oh wait! 4) the cbc was there.

oh hey! 5) these lovely blue shards were on the ground on my way to the key!

anyway, on to saturday. leff and i ended up renting the zipcar hybrid to take our old computer to interconnection (they are *awesome!*, fyi.) and to drop off yet another load of stuff at goodwill.

we were kinda' nervous that there wouldn't be enough room. well, that worry was unfounded.

check out all that junk in that (sorta') trunk! daaaaahmn!!

we tested the hybrid by driving it up queen anne hill fully loaded down. guess what, no problem with acceleration.

i'm in love with the prius. if we ever own another car, that will be the one.

after goodwill, leff and i stopped by top banana produce for some breakfast

which we took to golden gardens just to make this gull jealous.

god, it was beautiful on saturday!

after basking in the sun for about an hour, we headed to restore to look for a shower hanger. (bardahl oil is near restore, hence the next photo.)

we not only found the shower hanger but also some body parts!

i heart restore.

the only other thing that's been happening is unpacking. well that and we also managed to open the malkovich door.

more unpacking is on today's agenda. argh! it'll never be finished!

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