Wednesday, April 09, 2008

two religious photos, etc

leff and i have been purging things from the apartment. (thanks, apartment therapy!) i mention this because i've come across something else that makes me laugh just as hard as the solid waste breakfast.

in case you can't make it out, it's an altered coloring book page that reads "god says that i must slaughter you and eat 74.9% of your carcass."

in other religious news, i got tickets to seeds of compassion.

i think it's being organized by a flock of pigeons. seriously, i got email notification last week of the qwest field ticket (that i hadn't even requested) and was left to assume that i hadn't gotten the two tickets to the key (that i had ordered and did, indeed, want.). but then, *kapow* there they all were in my mailbox yesterday. which throws my plans off since i was planning on going solo to qwest field on saturday. also it's too late for leff to get time off to join me at the key on friday.

freakin' flock of pigeons, i swear.

anyway, moving on. yesterday video dropped on flickr. i do not care. it's almost four years too late, imho.

i will, however, kill the next one of you bitches that sends me a fucking group invitation that is along the lines of "no video on flickr! i protest!"

i'm not kidding.

'k, i'm gonna' go be grumpy in my kitchen now. sadly, the bastard won't unpack itself.

yes, my kitchen is a bastard.


santos. said...

hey can we start a flickr group of reallllly long videos of one still photo? because you know someone will.

r4kk4 said...

that might actually work. but i won't join the group. hahaha!