Monday, April 21, 2008

ridiculously busy, sleet, tutankhamun and the egg hat

what to write about this weekend that's not boring? saturday and sunday were ludicrously productive. leff and made a final stop at goodwill (that's four carloads full of stuff that we've donated since we moved. it feels *great* to be rid of all those things!). we made huge headway on the apartment. etc, etc, etc i know you're just as tired of reading about this move as i am.

three weird things did happen though. 1) it sleeted every day this weekend.

2) leff and i had to put tables together in the goodwill parking lot in said sleet before they would take them. thankfully, they were ikea tables and it didn't take long.

3) we saw two people, one with a tutankhamun hat and the other with a crocheted fried egg on his head, walking down the street. sadly, i don't have a picture.

i also don't have any more words for this post. i have about four trips downstairs to the storage space today and we're officially living box free. i'm sure you can understand why i want to get that over with as soon as humanly possible.


Brit said...

Rakka, I had a dream last night that I met you on a plane. Or a train. Some sort of mass transit. We recognized each other, but you were in a hurry and were slightly rude to me. I was disappointed for a long while until I woke up and realized it had been a dream.

r4kk4 said...

oh my god! how awful! :(

i hope you know that i wouldn't be rude to you. i like you, brit! :D!

i apologize for my dream self. is that weird to say?

Brit said...

I knew you'd be nice which is why I was so thrown off. I also thought it was funny I recognized you because I don't actually know what you look like!

r4kk4 said...

well, i'm not nice to everybody. esp when i feel like my privacy/space is being invaded. i'm kinda' a freak about that and can get all mean girl when my boundaries are crossed.

still, i'm glad that you know i wouldn't snub you! :D!

it *is* pretty funny that you recognized me! but, you know, tall chicks with dark hair are pretty common. ;D