Friday, April 25, 2008

deathskull and rainbows, lots of stencils, fake strawberries and the hurt

would you believe it? i did something that wasn't apt related this week! headspy jessie and i made a drawing/painting!

i made the deathcake, she made the rainbow. what's not pictured in this, um, picture is the other bunch of awesomeness that jessie drew. why not check out her esty shop and get an idea of what they might've been like?

also in the art vein, i cranked out five fugitives yesterday. here are stencils for four of them.

i should mention that the cat power one didn't work. (the one on the furthest left.) i knew that it wouldn't before i made it but went ahead with it anyway. what the hell is my problem?!

also, why do i enjoy looking at fake strawberry products?

i'm not going to eat that stuff. ok, i tried some of the fluff and it was naaaa-haaaaa-sty. i still like seeing it on my microwave though.

oh no! here comes the hurt!

part of me wishes that it said here comes the pain, you know, as in the french for bread. not only because i think it would be funny to see pacman chomping un baguette but also because je voudrais un baguette. somehow the oatmeal isn't cutting it this morning.

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