Friday, April 11, 2008

the white man overbite, healthy food, horsing around

what is it about the "magnum p.i." theme song that makes men bite their lower lip, ball up their fists, stick their elbows to their sides and move their shoulders back and forth in time to the music?

you know, a modified version of the white man overbite?

'cause, honey, it happens. like every time i've seen "magnum" come on and there's a guy in the room. i've witnessed it spread out over decades, in many different cities and with many different styles of faddish facial hair.

anyway, i probably haven't discussed it here but i'm trying to give up sugar. why? um, i don't want diabetes. which, in effect, boils down to my terrible fear of needles.

the result? i've been eating healthier.

it's not been too bad. i'm almost over the horrid cravings. i'll let you know how it's going a month from now.

hey look! it's my cat exploring uncharted territories!

stupid peel. now i'll have to clean on top of those counters so she doesn't get weird kitchen goop on her paws and ingest it. grrr!

if you've been following suspect and fugitive you know that i make a lot of stencils. what you probably didn't know was how many of them fail. like yesterday i made five fucking stencils before i could get one to work. here are two of the rejects, secretariat

and mr. ed.

not pictured, bob ross, a mule and the successful ann-margaret. although, honestly, i should've worked on that one a little more. sigh....

since it's going to be warm this weekend, i have a feeling that leff and i'll be headed to the beach (just like everyone else) after we drop off another bunch of stuff at goodwill.

i would promise you pictures from seeds of compassion today as well buuuuut cameras aren't allowed.


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