Monday, April 28, 2008

two needles, a couch and strawberry fluff

i'm really glad that my fear of needles doesn't include those of the space variety.

otherwise i'd have to move to vancouver, bc.

this weekend involved a lot of walking, a lot of furniture and one major contender for the title of "new couch" at casa rakkaleff.

i think that everyone and their dog has this piece of furniture but that's not a deterrent. i mean, look at it. it'll go great with this chair!

i swear that my life used to be about more than home decor. really, it did.

after i droppped off some books at the library, leff grabbed some chicken kata from the resturant in the parking garage on the corner of 5th and seneca for an impromptu picnic at freeway park. (a picnic for him. i mean, unless you count my diet coke as picnic food. i do.)

freeway park is no where near as dire as leff had portrayed it. i avoided that park like the plague based on his photo alone. (i've had my share of stepping over used works, thanks so much, and try to avoid it when possible. his picture made the place look prime for shooting up. which, ok, granted it probably is still used for those purposes but it was nowhere near as needle ridden as, say, patterson park. (sorry, baltimore people but you know i'm telling the truth.))

where was i going with this? um, not anywhere fun. i'll change the subject.

have you ever worked with strawberry marshmallow fluff? did you know that if you force it through a stencil with a rice cooker spoon, it sounds like printmaking ink?

it sizzled just like a charged brayer. and the fluff had the same drag as printmaking ink. it was *really* disorienting because i kept expecting that great ink smell but all i got was nasty fake strawberry.

(ed note: it wouldn't have been so disorienting if i'd been more than half awake at the time.)

one more bit of news. (and this is the cool thing that i told you about last wednesday) i'm now working on the schmancy gallery blog! there's not a lot there just yet but we're going to have special preview sales and interviews and all sorts of good things!

jess hutchison's opening is on may 9th at schmancy (6p-9p) and our first preview sale will feature her work!

shoot me an email at schmancygallery [at] gmail [dot] com to be added to the mailing list and i'll email you when the preview sale goes live.

k, time to get back to work. ta until wed.

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