Friday, April 18, 2008

spaghetti wires, amazon fresh, etc

yay, team!

i've got cauliflower for hands!

er, i mean, yay! i cleaned out the storage space the other day and now we have all of our consoles in one place!

it's a nasty rat's nest of spaghetti wires at the moment but we're waiting on an 8 plug switcher thing and some led string lights to arrive. then we'll attack it with the staple gun.

what else is new? we quit safeway delivery for amazon fresh.

so far i'm super pleased as it solves a lot of the problems that i'd had with safeway.

we've been eating things like tuna steaks with black eyed pea salsa.

the dish of pepto wasn't needed because of the food. i was painting with it and thought it looked really bright and pretty in a dish.

sadly, the pepto piece hasn't worked right yet but lois lane made from aloe did. (alois lane...geddit? ba doom ching!)

anyway, here's the stencil.

and the finished lois. (for s&f)

i wonder if there's a way to make stencils be a finished piece....maybe i'll think about that while i'm working my ass off this weekend. yeah, it's another trip to goodwill and other assorted apartment things.

*when* will this move be over?!


joey said...

alois lane. HA! i love it.

i'm intrigued by AmazonFresh...I'm only a block from Madison Market and two blocks from TJ's...and sandwiched between Safeways and QFC's but I've never been thrilled with their produce.

r4kk4 said...


do a bulk order of like, tp and stuff so you can reach the $50 mark and your delivery is free. you could try out their produce that way and you wouldn't be out anything. (delivery is free over $50 for secure buildings/over $25 for buildings with accessible front doors)

i'm really happy with the produce that i got. the organic items are often the same price or just a tiny smidge more than regular. PLUS they will recycle bags for you.

it's totally ftw.

joey said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tip. I think it might be worth it to try it at least once. I mean, I'm already a member of Amazon so there isn't any signup.

The thing I love about it is that it's not subscription based. I know Safeway delivers too's Safeway. Though I guess I don't know who supplies AmazonFresh.

Glad to hear your enjoying it. I'm totally gonna try it out.

r4kk4 said...

no problem!

let me know how it goes!