Monday, June 23, 2008

toys, cheap food and a fake vacation

this past weekend? not so bad. i spent saturday at schmancy

instead of at the solstice parade you really need a because? ok, i had a the oven. (also, naked biking kinda' skeeves me out. the unprotected seats! the burning!)

one constant during the past three days has been the cheapness of food. for instance, this pizza and soda from paggliaci only cost $3.23. (paggliaci was having a 20th anniversary special.)

and this quiche from caffe d'art was free.

sunday i made the tiniest stencil.

(for suspect and fugitive)

which seemed to make clouseau happy.

also on sunday i played like i was on vacation

in synesthesia city.

in seattle, you can see the sound! what a country!


JeffMartin said...

Great use of the word "Synesthesia"
The number 5 is red, as well as 8.
People never believe me when I tell them of these things.

r4kk4 said...


i had a roomie that didn't understand when i could tell her what different kinds of blue tasted like.