Friday, October 10, 2008

hanging plush you

hey, kids! it's still busy around casa rakkaleff but you probably already knew that.

still, the hectic nature of our household did not preclude us from dropping by schmancy last night to help hang the plush you 4 show! there are pictures below BUT FIRST, check out kate of nancy's cuuute little ghost garland!

ok, here are the plush you pictures!

the opening is tonight at schmancy, nancy and fancy from 5-9p! i'll be there after i catch the black kids at their easy street instore.

look! i had patriotic fingernails for a while the other day!

yeah, i don't know where i was going with that...

a programming note: i probably won't be able to have a new post on monday as i'll be suffering through a 12 hour day of travel. (3 am shuttle to seatac then off to a transfer in houston ending in knoxville, tn with a pickup and a 30 minute drive. the day after that includes a 4 hour drive, but i digress.)

time and internet availability depending, i'll post from 1991 next week. (or 1985 if i can jump online in morristown.) if i can't access the series of tubes, (the mountains in rural appalachia kinda' make, well, everything suck.) i'll be back on wed the 22nd.

god i'm gonna' need a drink.


Brit said...

How long is your Houston layover?

r4kk4 said...

an hour. :(

otherwise, i'd see if i could cab to visit you and swappy.

as it is, i've barely got time to run to another concourse and get on my next plane.

i'll wave to you guys when i fly over!