Monday, October 13, 2008

i'm traveling but there's still a post

thanks to the ability to time shift with blogger post dates, i was able to post today even though i'm probably flying over one of the, well, fly over states while you're reading this.


so on friday night, leff and i did the plush you opening. it was FANTASTIC as always! (and very crowded despite the photos that i have. how do i manage to never have people in my photos? that's not really the interesting question. why don't i ever have people in photos? now that's something that one of my old shrinks would love to sink his teeth into.)

anyway, non peopled photos of plush. here they are!

it was a great night all around, weather not excepted.

on sunday, leff and i took a short trip to golden gardens and fisherman's terminal.

i kinda' wish i could stay there instead of heading back east.

also before heading out, i finished up a project that was due on the 17th. here's my spent stencil.

what's it for? well, i'll give you a hint...

but you'll have to check back on friday the 17th for the answer.

*fingers crossed that i'll have an internet connection when i land!*


Irregular Shed said...

Your space needle photo is my new desktop wallpaper =)

r4kk4 said...

aw! you're the sweetest! :D!