Wednesday, October 01, 2008

schmancy, spl fall book sale, burgermaster, road trip to sultan and monroe, wa

oh my god, kids! things have been nuts around here lately. let's just jump into the glut of photos that i took.

part of last week i spent at schmancy.

and there was weirdness. not in the store but on the side of a bus.

weiner, HO!!

leff and i made it to the second day of the spl fall book sale.

goddamn but we picked up some books!

no duplicate titles either due to leff's tech.

while in the udistrict, we hit burgermaster.

i had a banana shake

and leff fell in love.

on monday, i joined jessie on a cakewalk in sultan and monroe, wa! such fun! AND we found bigfoot!

also delicious donuts

and various other goodies.

here're some more photos from the trip. you know, for atmosphere.

also, two of my new favorite tags.

and, just for the hell of it, monterrey jack (for s&f of course).

things will continue to be busy for the foreseeable future. friday is leff's bday and we're headed to port townsend! hooray!

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