Friday, October 03, 2008

leff's unsurprise party

leff did it again this year, goddamn it. every year i plan a surprise party for him and every year he stumbles upon it at the last minute

case in point, two years ago, he walked into the apartment 15 damn minutes before people were supposed to arrive.

last year, i tried a change of venue but he saw someone guiltily close an email that i had sent them about party specifics.

so what did he do this year? THIS YEAR he got sick.

see, cg had helped organize a bunch of people at leff's company to meet at trabant for coffee and cupcakes. not a huge party or anything since they're under a serious deadline right now BUT the plan was dependent upon leff's being at work.

this can't happen if he gets sick.

still, we're going through with the party even though leff knows about it, goddamn it.   we do it every freakin' year.

here are some pictures from when it was still in the surprise stage.

this can of pumpkin has nothing to do with it. i just like that the lines from the lid show up on the top.

anyway, i best be getting the cupcakes out of j's freezer and let them unthaw. one upside to this debacle is that i won't have to carry them downtown by myself.

still. goddamn it. next year he can plan his own surprise party.  happy freakin' birthday, leff.

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