Monday, October 06, 2008

leff turns 34, cats, plush you reminder

once again, the world's economic markets are making me feel like barfing. (or maybe it's just sarah palin's voice. who knows for sure...) as such, i'm gonna' just give you the high points from the weekend and go stock up on canned goods. see you in the soup lines!

on friday, leff turned 34.

ed note: that is not him pictured above.

he was sick but he rallied and made it to trabant in pioneer square for his party.

due to his illness, we didn't make it to port townsend as planned. we pretty much did a whole lot of nothing.

ok, we did go out for coffee once.

and i fed j's guinea pig.

ed note: that is not a photo of j's guinea pig.

a reminder! the plush you opening is this friday night from 6-9p at schmancy, nancy and pants!

be there or be a geometric form!

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